Free Listing/Selling Scripts and Tips

 I paid !!!!!!! for this property and they are offering this price?

      Ask one simple question? "If you inherited the property.....

         would  you sell it for nothing"?

"I am sorry but what a person paid does not go into the appraisal process. I wish I could get you exactly what you ask for. However there is a difference between price and value (be sympathetic not  dogmatic). This offer seems to be in the true value range. Can we tell them you will take it"?


The three types of listings (the 3 P’s)

1.    A probability – At or below market value

2.    A possibility --- Slightly above market

3.    A prayer ---- As in you don’t have one   Considerably above market


You really sell a property when you list it.

Do not give up too quickly on the right price. Fight for it. You are doing your seller and yourself a great disservice by not having the courage to turn down an overpriced listing. The only time you should take an overpriced listing is if the seller is leaving town and there is equity in the house (a home without equity is a rental with debt). If the seller is moving out of town; explain the dangers of overpricing but take the listing no matter what. They have to sell. That house gets less personal when they leave it.

They may tell you “but I can’t pay you and my mortgage at this price”? What do you do? Ask “are you able to come out of your pocket to sell this house”? Do they qualify for a short sale? Do they have a low interest assumable loan such as VA or FHA?( most realtors don’t know or think about this ; but there can be built in value especially if rates are higher than their mortgage rate. If the answer to all these questions is negative; then tell them you are sorry; that maybe after they have paid down their mortgage or their situation changes you would be happy to help.  Remember a bad listing is worse than no listing. It robs your time and tarnishes your reputation

One of the biggest mistakes listing agents make is...

Giving equal value for square footage on a two story home. Take from 15 % to 20% off the top story (building only). Why? The cost of construction is less because you are eliminating two of the most costly items in construction. The roof and the foundation. Watch for this when calling on expired listings. You can use this to get a price that will sell.

Your home is in a beauty contest and a price war with ----- number of homes.

Go to your MLS and get the current number of active listings and pending sales.

Then get the number of solds within the last 30 days. In my mls currently there are

3025 Actives and pendings and 583 sales in the last 30 days (pretty high rate). Divide

the actives and pending, by the solds  3025/583= 5.19 round down to 5. 1 out of 5

sell each month. Your house is competing with  4 other houses for one of the  spots

that will be sold this month. You must beat the other 4 homes in price and condition.

To do that you must price your home well and have it in the best condition


Use this story to get your seller to accept a good offer....

          The little puppy with a bone

There once was a little puppy on the side of the road wet and starving. Another dog came along and asked if he could help. "If I could only just get me a bone I would be fine" cried the puppy. The dog said “ I don’t have a bone right now; but I have 1000 friends and surely one of them will have a bone. I will notify them you need a bone”. The puppy said “please do that, and thanks”.  After a few days the dog returns and says “I have great news. One of my friends brought me this bone and you can have it !”. The puppy looks at it and says “I wish it had a little more meat on it”. Let me think on it. He puts the bone in his mouth and starts walking. He comes upon a stream with the bone still in his mouth. He looks into the stream and behold! There is a puppy with a bone in his mouth that looks like it has more meat than his bone. He wants the other puppy’s bone. He opens his mouth, his bone drops into the stream lost forever and the ripples make the other dog and the bone disappear as well.

Application: You have asked me to bring you an offer on your house. I put out the word and one of my fellow real estate agents has brought you an offer. We have not had any other offers even though there may be one out there “somewhere”. We have gone over the benefits and I believe this is a good offer. Please, don’t be like that little puppy and lose the only offer (bone) we have on the table. May we go ahead and tell them you will accept it”?