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"Landon was excellent. He delivered everything as promised and answered every question I had. I will definitley seek Landon for any future needs." John Motowidlak LoanDepot

If you have ever made any of these statements. Then we may can help.

"I need a better way to recruit agents"

"I need a real estate training that really produces listings and sales"

"I need a better way to market my listings to other real estate agents"

"I need a better way to keep up with prospecting and recruiting"

"I need a better way to manage my rental properties ? Go to training videos (above) and watch 4 reasons to use a professional property manager"

Why use our lists and tools?

Immediate Download. Buy only what you need. Low prices.

You may have a list of real estate agents in your area. Our lists contain all emails,all real estate agents classifications, many cell phone numbers and many home addresses.With home addresses you avoid sending letters and postcards to their office. With cell phones you don't have to call their office. With the classification you will not be sending the competition your recruiting methods. Our list can be turbo charged with our prospecting tool. Our prospecting tool saves time and thus money. Search by last name with complete info right in front of you.You can mass email according to your designation of the prospect (superstar and top producer, Good and average producer, and all agents). Create mailing labels with home addresses for letters or postcards. You can add and delete records for the most up to date list. You have a daily tickler list of agents that you have made previous contact with and what the next contact date is.You have a worksheet you can print out (if you just want to get after it)

Why use us for Credit Cards?

We will help you with your set up and implementation of your Credit Card and Echeck system. Some companies only offer credit cards. You can't pay your owners on line with them. Our fees are low and straight forward. Whether it is for property management (receiving rents and paying Owners) or collecting monthly fees from agents. It may mean the difference in keeping or loosing an agent or an owner. It could be a recruiting tool for those agents that worry about being able to pay their fees. Our system is simple. It won't interfere with your business it will enhance it. Go ahead and apply. It's easy.

Why Believe Me?

I have been a real estate broker for 3 decades. I owned a Re/Max franchise. I also had 5 franchised mortgage companies until 2008 all operating from my office on my software most of which I created. (nothing more to say about that).Here is the point.I made over $40,000 with a list I purchased for under $200.00.I always had something to do with a good list. You can too. Pick a list for your county; download it today and go to work.

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